About Groital

Groital Company Limited is an agribusiness facility, registered as a Limited Liability Company under Ghana Companies Act 1963, (Act 1979). The company was incorporated on 10th October 2014, and was subsequently granted certificate to commence operations on 14th November, 2014.


Our vision is to be the leading supplier of the best quality fruit and vegetable crops from Africa.


Our mission is to produce high quality, nutritional fruit and vegetable crops on a large scale for local and global consumption.

Core Values

  • Produce the best quality, nutritional fruits to all consumers globally
  • Provide an environment that will ensure small scale farmer satisfaction and development
  • Improve the livelihood of the people within our business areas
  • Encourage the use of technology to reduce risks to farmers in the region, and increase profitability
  • Contribute to sustainable solutions to poverty in Africa. Our smallholder partnerships are aimed at contributing to the goals of eliminating hunger, alleviating poverty, and achieving sustainable improvements in livelihoods